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1917 - Revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Lenin returned to Russia after years of exile.

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Trip to the Redwoods

Image Kate and I had a chance to go down and see the California Redwoods before leaving the Pacific Northwest. We only spent a day in the area but filled it with some wonderful sights. This particular image is of Kate driving through a living Redwood. I know its a little cheesy but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. We also went to a place called the Trees of Mystery. Image I figured it to be another goofy roadside attraction (due to the over sized Paul Bunyan statue), but it turned out to be a great experience. We got to see dozens of fantastic trees and a ride a skytrial to the top of a mountain. Another side trip we drove deep into the forest to find an area called the stout grove. We took a hike around some of the largest and oldest Redwoods in the area. At the end of the day we stayed in a motel along highway 101 made entirely from one Redwood tree. It was a little creepy, but kind of a cool experience none the less.

Check out the photo gallery
Check out the Tree's of Mystery website
Check out the Curly Redwood Motel


Recipes a plenty

Kate and I have been collecting recipes in a database we use to plan meals, track recipes we've prepared and create grocery lists. I am now working on converting it all to the new site and hope to give others the same capabilities. The first stage of the project is complete, getting the recipes live. Now I am working on more advance features.

Check out the recipe database.

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My Digital Life...in Photos

So after two weeks of uploading photos to the site, I'm pleased to say that I have posted all the digital photos I have ever taken. I got my first digital camera back in 2002 and having been taking photos of everything from vacations to family get togethers. While all the photos are online most of them don't have descriptions. I suspect this task will take me some time to get this completed. Here in some upcoming posts I will explain the software I use to mange my photos and I'll even touch on the Internet technologies used....for those who are interested.


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Welcome to the new BoneWorks!
Yes I know that I don't have the best habit of keeping this site updated, but I hope to change that with this new website. There is no real purpose for this site, other than a place for me to try some new things with Internet Technologies and to share photos that Kate and I have taken over the years. I also hope to post various tips and information on integrating the computer into ones life.

Eventually I would like to put up a database of reciepes we have been collecting. Some of you are aware that I built a web application that tracks and creates grocery lists of everything we prepare. I've been working on a new solution and I hope to make it so everyone could use the same features.

Check out the photos area. While I only have the last three years, I hope to put up much more. The photos are of things we've seen while living on both coasts. While in D.C. we explored everything the city had to offer. We also got to other places like Philly, Atlantic City, Virginia Beach and Boston. In Oregon, we explored many of the states natural beauty. We were also able to get to Seattle, San Francisco and Disney in California.

There is also a lot of family and friends photo from various occasions. If you see yourself and would like me to remove it from the site, just let me know. Also if you would like the orginial, please don't hesitate to ask.

Check back over the next couple of days as I will be adding lots of photos.

- Kent

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